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Common Mistakes in Product Photography 

Are you looking for a product photography service? There are many ways to sell any product online. There are many factors that affect the sale of a product, one of them is the photo of this product. Properly edited images can increase the sale of your product. In this article, we will explain some common photography mistakes and how to avoid these mistakes.

Common Product Photography Mistakes

Camera Setting

The most important thing that affects the sales of any product is its image. If the image is taken incorrectly or the image of another product is applied, it can significantly reduce the sale. Customers want exact details of the product. When you want to take pictures of product use the manual mode of the camera setting. Manual mode lets you control all camera settings.

After the manual mode setting, you have to adjust the colour. Product colour can be categorised into two parts “warm” and “cool”. Yellowish or reddish tint photographs are called warm while bluish tint photographs are called cool. An accurate white balance will help you in capturing attractive photos. Don’t use multiple light sources like lamp light or natural outdoor light. Multiple light sources can affect your photography.

Every computer and web browser has a different colour scheme. Due to this, the pictures are not displayed properly. To solve this problem you need to take proper pictures and convert these pictures from Jpeg to an sRGB colour scheme.

Image Composition

If the pictures are constantly changing, they confuse the customers. Constantly changing images will show a bad impact and customers will discredit your products. Simple, clear and elegant images attract customers. White or grey background images show a good effect. Keep the same images the whole year on all channels. Never capture images on a busy background. A busy background will affect your photography. Capture images in a neutral background. 

Blurry images show a bad impact on the human brain. Blurry images can distract your customers. Use sharp and clear images because sharp and clear images show a good impact on the human brain. You have to keep a full focus when taking product photos. You can avoid camera shaking by using a tripod.

If each image is different in size, it will have a detrimental effect on your business. Crop pictures in equal sizes. Different size images are very confusing for customers.

If you take product images from a variety of angles this will affect your sales. The quality picture will help customers to see important product details. Quality pictures will influence your customers to buy your products.


Cover up common mistakes to enhance your business. It will help to attract customers to your products. Are you looking for a quality photo editing service? Pro Retouching Studio are providing quality photo editing services. You can contact us at for quality services.