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What’s The Difference Between Clipping Path Service And Image Masking


Online Clipping Path Services and image masking are two different techniques that achieve the same results.  With these techniques, you can isolate objects from the background. The main difference between these two is how you isolate objects from a background. In this article, we will tell you the difference between clipping paths and image masking.

Difference Between Clipping Path Service And Image Masking

Clipping Path Service and image masking best image editing techniques. These tools remove the background from an image. In this article, we will show the difference between these two techniques.

What is a Clipping Path?

Clipping path is the best image editing technique in which you can remove the background from an image. If you are using Photoshop, you can create clipping paths with the help Pen tool. We have to select a path from a closed vector shape to separate a part of the image. We will only choose the things along the route; the others will not be selected.

It generally uses a clipping path technique for images that have straightforward edges like simple accessories, think boxes and ornaments. If you want to use the clipping path then you have to be in full command of the tools. The clipping path is mostly in simple images if we apply this technique to complicated images then the image will look unnatural.

If you poorly draw a clipping path you will not get the desired result. There are basically three types of clipping paths which are as follows.

  • Single-Layer clipping Path

In a single clipping path, we create a path on one layer with the help of a pen tool. We mostly use a single clipping path when we want to remove the background from an image.

    • Multi-Layer clipping

We mostly use multi-layer clipping when we want to extract multiple parts of an image. I can separate each part of the image, which is why this is known as the advanced clipping technique.

    • Illustration clipping path

There are different clipping path software available. Adobe Illustrator has its own path which is known as a “clipping mask”. With this tool, you can cut the desired portion of the image into a specific shape.

What is Image Masking?

Image masking is also another effective method for background removal. As you know color separation techniques, magic eraser tools,s, and background eraser tools are used in Photoshop for image masking.

Masking is a method in which we can adjust any part of the image. It can control any part of the image properly. As you know this technique is most commonly used in complex lines such as hair.

Image masking is mostly used in complicated images. With the help of this tool, you can remove the background from complicated images easily. Photo editing looks natural with the image masking technique.

Usually, one creates the mask by using different shades of gray or black and white. Where the darker areas represent the regions to mask or hide and the lighter areas represent the regions to reveal or make visible.

The mask is then applied to the original image, resulting in certain areas being fully or partially transparent based on the corresponding pixel values in the mask.

Image masking is commonly used when the subject of an image has complex or intricate edges, such as hair, fur, or transparent objects like glass or smoke. By using masking techniques, designers can precisely isolate and manipulate specific elements within an image without affecting the rest of the composition.

There are Different Types of Image Masking Techniques, Including:

Layer Masking: This involves creating a mask on a layer in image editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop. The mask is linked to the layer, allowing selective adjustments to be made without permanently altering the original image data.

Clipping Masking: This technique involves using a shape or path to define the area that should be visible in an image. The image is clipped or masked to the shape, resulting in only the content within the defined boundaries being displayed.

Alpha Channel Masking: Alpha channels are additional channels in an image file that store transparency information. Alpha channel masking involves using the alpha channel to define the areas of transparency in an image, allowing for precise control over which parts should be visible or hidden.

Image editing agency masking is widely used in various industries, including advertising, e-commerce, photography, and graphic design. To create visually appealing compositions, remove backgrounds, and combine multiple images seamlessly. Perform intricate edits on specific areas of an image.


In conclusion, the main difference between online Clipping Path Services and image masking lies in their techniques and applications in image editing. Clipping path service involves creating a vector path or outlines around a specific object or subject within an image using specialized software like Adobe Photoshop. This path acts as a mask and separates the object from its background.

You can place the clipped object on a new background or use it in various graphic design projects.  People commonly use Online Clipping Path Services for images with well-defined edges. such as products, vehicles, or simple geometric shapes. Online Clipping Path Services and image masking are both useful image background removal techniques.

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Q: What is a clipping path service?

A: A clipping path service involves creating a precise outline or path around an object in an image to separate it from its background. This enables placing the object on a different background or utilizing it independently in various design applications.

Q: What is image masking?

A: People use image masking as a technique to hide or reveal specific parts of an image. It involves creating a mask or a selection to isolate specific areas of the image, such as fine details or complex edges and then applying adjustments or modifications to those selected areas.

Q: What is the main difference between clipping path service and image masking?

A: The main difference between clipping path service and image masking lies in the level of complexity and precision they offer. The clipping path service is suitable for images with clear and well-defined edges.

Q: When should I choose a clipping path service?

A: A clipping path service is ideal for images with solid and distinct objects, such as geometric shapes, products with straight edges, or simple graphics. It provides precise and clean results, making it easier to separate the object from the background.

Q: When should I choose image masking?

A: For images with complex or soft edges, such as hair, fur, or transparent objects. It is recommended to use image masking. It allows for more precise selection and modification of specific areas, retaining fine details and preserving the natural appearance of the image.

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